What we do best

TrimaxSecure is a global provider of IT services and solutions for companies looking to modernize how they do business. Our mission is to increase the future viability of our clients with the power of cloud computing. We empower teams to be more productive with the right amount of support and technology education to make smarter business decisions.

Since our founding in 2013, we have assisted dozens of companies by moving their business applications, databases, websites, email and phone systems to the Cloud. After transitioning the workloads to the Cloud, we continue support of our clients through Managed Services. We are proud to foster many longstanding relationships with our clients and have retained 90% of customers post deployment.

How can we help you solve
your business challenges?

With over 20 years of extensive Information Technology experience, our team brings a depth of knowledge to cloud migration planning and implementation. We specialize in Cloud migration and managed services and also provide application development capabilities specific to ERP, CRM, and website deployment and hosting. For us, it’s not about promoting one technology vendor over another. It’s about finding what’s right technology solutions would work best for our clients. As growing number of organizations continue to move their computing to the Cloud, it is very important to work with a partner that has experience migrating and managing workloads on Cloud. Contact us to understand your options to take your business applications to Cloud as you transform your company from the inside out.

Our methodology in designing and implementing software is customized to meet your needs

In order to design and implement software that is customized to meet your business needs, our team at TrimaxSecure uses a six-stage process that enables us to fully comprehend your long-term business goals as well as important industry requirements.​


1. Analyze

How does your company operate on a day-to day-basis? What are key business processes that distinguish your company from others and what types of aspirational milestones are you looking to undertake? During the first phase of our process, we assess how your company runs, the full scope of your company’s needs, current bottlenecks, and future. We work closely with you in the form of initial discovery meetings to identify all business objectives and establish expectations for the project.

2. Design

Arguably the most important part of the process, the design phase is all about outlining system processes and proposed workflows. We draft and share mock-ups of how we envision the major system components and ask for your feedback. In order to make sure the design accommodates your needs and goals, we make sure everyone views drafts of the screens and workflow processes in case we need to make modifications. This phase prevents you from incurring costly change orders that might otherwise have happened post development. ​

3. Build

​The build phase is when we turn the design into a reality. With over 20 years of development experience, our team develops and iterates quickly to configure your system from start to finish. From data migrations to customization of modules, we can create functional environments that your company can review and test.

4. Implement

At this stage of the process, we have already built a functional system that serves as a test environment. Once your team has tried out the newly developed system and we have confirmed that it is operational and built to your standards, we begin officially implementing it. That means that our team of professionals installs and integrates your system into your current business processes. ​

5. Train

In order to make sure that your users can easily adopt the new system, we offer online and in-person training programs in addition to online resources that include webinars, blogs, and Tech Tips. This way, your company can fully realize all the benefits of your newly implemented software. ​ ​

6. Support & Maintenance

In order to accommodate future business growth and enable other technology investments down the line, we offer continued maintenance and support. We’ll be with you every step of the way once your new system goes live so that you can easily adapt to change.

We’re going to become partners for the long run.

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