Dynamics for
Finance and Operations

Automate your financial processes and make data-driven decisions.​

Dynamics 365 Finance is a fully-cloud based, global application that enables you to use AI-driven insights to accurately predict future outcomes and make better financial decisions in a multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual context. The analytics, reporting, and planning tools give you the holistic financial visibility you need to make profitable decisions, minimize cost, and optimize spending to reach budget goals. For companies operating globally, you’ll be able to quickly adapt to changing financial and legal requirements using guided, rule-based collateral that meets regulations to decrease global financial complexity and risk. Increase your productivity by unifying and automating financials into managed business processes all in one system. Connecting finances, operations, sales, and customer service all in one place.

Staying on top of
your Company’s finances


Do you struggle with staying on top of financial reporting and decision-making processes?

Are you able to quickly respond to customer needs and proactively influence timely customer payments?


Can you effectively adapt to changing local and global business requirements and regulations?

Have a Strategic Impact on Your Company’s Finance​

Unify and Automate your financial processes

Office 365 integration brings a multitude of efficiencies starting with the ever-so handy Excel import/export, project budget management, and Word templates for reports. To further improve productivity, role-based workspaces will contain all tasks for their designated business process, as well as built-in analytics and predictive insights. Companies who must maintain auditing compliance and are time-sensitive can take advantage of the guided financial close processes to ensure a timely and through period-close and avoid late payments by creating a rule-based collection strategy, guiding customers to pay on time.

Let Technology Inform Financial Decisions​

Assess the health of your business and drive your business agility and growth by using comprehensive, real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights. Dynamics Finance strengthens your department to work faster and simplify financial management using in-depth reporting and real-time analytics. Experience increase profit and cashflow from predictive insights and recognize unnecessary resources and reduce operational expenses using budget control, process automation, and financial planning.  

Reduce Financial Complexity and Risk​

The local and global flexibility allows you to adapt to financial and regulatory requirements easily with guided, rule-based chart of accounts and a no-code configuration service to simplify regulatory reporting, electronic invoicing, and global payments. Improve governance by maintaining compliance across 42 countries and 42 languages from the out-of-the-box solution. There is no need for time-consuming and expensive code changes when transferring documents because Office 365 templates has your back with configurable business documents such as invoices and financial statements. The 360-degree view of financial performance offers opportunity for catch anomalies early to mediate prior to third-party review.

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