Sophisticated Attacks Require Advanced Threat Protection

As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated by the day, having the right advanced threat protection is needed to keep your company safe. Advanced threat protection guards all the entryways that threats can come from including networks, email, and endpoints. You need advanced threat protection solutions to defend your organization from advanced persistent threats, ransomware, malicious email attachments, an insider threat, and other cyber security risks.

Advanced Threat Protection Helps You
with Today’s Challenges

  1. Are your current systems only conducting periodic scans which may causinge blind spots in threat discovery?
  2. Do you need more insights to your security priorities, so you know which threats are most critical?
  3. Is your current remediation patching process manual?

Organizations in the modern era defend against threats by identifying vulnerabilities, centralizing your control, prioritizing threats, and automating execution. TrimaxSecure helps companies easily deploy Microsoft Defender and AWS GuardDuty for public and private cloud setups.

Remediate Points of Failure and Critical Threats in Your Systems

Continuous Discovery of Threats

Discovering threats is still oftentimes a periodic scanning and logging process. Organizations will scan their resources once a week to get a snapshot capture and logs will then be used for monitoring. However, technology is very dynamic with new software installations and updates, so the captures you made at one moment in time may be stale or have blind spots. In addition, most companies do not have threat and vulnerability scanners on all devices, but instead, they only offer protection on their high valuable assets to reduce spend, and yet this increases weak points in your systems further. With continuous discovery, your organization will be able to identify threats and track unanticipated changes in your network before they lead to data breaches.

Threat Analytics and Business Prioritization

When fixing vulnerabilities, organizations typically have a ranking system to resolve issues based on severity on the list, but items classified as most severe are not always the most critical threat to your organization. A threat can be ranked severe, but if an attacker is tampering with a small weak link, you can have a large attacker case on your hands. Cloud security operations and solutions enables you to have full visibility into all your threats, organizational contexts, and system-wide health. To help your teams plan and prevent future incidents, cloud security will analyze your massive threat reports and deliver user-friendly reports to your analysts on demand. Mitigate unrealized risk and protect all critical assets 24/7 by allowing your cloud software prioritize vulnerabilities without the use of human agents or periodic scans.

Automated Execution

Waiting for a patch and a security incident response team, while ensuring feedback and communication can often be a challenge. Security automation mimics the ideal steps a human would take to investigate and remediate a cyber threat. With the power of machine learning and workflow automation, you can instantly determine whether the threat requires action, apply the recommended steps to resolution, and send a consolidated communication plan and summary of the incident. Ultimately, the technology carries out simple IT troubleshooting and incident response, so your staff can spend more time working on high value activities, saving your organization time and money on human resources. Now, you team can stay alert to discover the new methods of cyber attackers and proactively prepare for their incoming threats.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection Features

Advanced threat protection services provide three primary services: Early threat detection, protection against threats and breaches, and response. Some tools that cover a wide range of protection include Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Amazon GuardDuty. Microsoft ATP is agentless and cloud powered, which means it is always up to date and brings less security concerns. It is a comprehensive solution for detection, prevention, and response across your software, applications, and network. Tools like Microsoft ATP allow real time monitoring of vulnerabilities and flaws in your configurations. Deep insights including scores for security across devices, exposure score, and even security recommendations, all provided in a real time dashboard. Other tools like Amazon GuardDuty not only monitor, but also automatically deploy protection measures like AWS Lambda and CloudWatch. Amazon GuardDuty handles the threat detection and then communicates with other AWS components to protect and respond to threats.

ATP Safe Links

These days, click links are known as the most popular phishing tactic. Safe Links is a feature in Defender Advanced Threat Protection that provides URL scanning and rewriting of inbound email messages in mail flow, and time-of-click verification of URLs and links in messages in email and other collaboration exchanges. Safe Links prevents users from being compromised by files linked to malicious URLs.

ATP Safe Attachments

Screening works best when done in phases. ATP Safe Attachments provide an additional layer of protection for email attachments after they have already been scanned by anti-malware protection in Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Set policies to identify if email attachments are malicious, and much like Safe Links, Safe Attachments catches identified threats in corporate mail before they reach the inbox. Email attachments are opened and tested in a virtual environment before they’re delivered to recipients, a process known as detonation.

ATP Anti-phishing

One of the techniques that spammers and phishers commonly use is spoofing. This impersonation tactic happens when the sender’s email name or domain is forged and the message appears to be from other than the actual source. This technique is often used in phishing campaigns to obtain user credentials and is easy to do especially when the message appears to come from someone the user trusts, such as the company executive.

Security Personas in Your Organization

IT Admin

  • Patch management
  • OS deployment
  • Software administration
  • System integration
  • Device configuration

Security Admin

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security management
  • Define security policy
  • Security configuration
  • Rights management

Security Operations

  • Threat monitoring & hunting
  • Incident response
  • Forensic analysis
  • Integration
  • Threat intelligence

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