Power BI

Collect and Process Data When and Where You Need It.

Power BI is all about collecting unrelated sources of data in software services, apps, and databases into creating coherent, visually immersive, and actionable insights. Whether your data is stuck in an Excel spreadsheet, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses, you can use Power BI to extract it for transformation. Tap into advanced prepping, modeling, and visualization capabilities while securely sharing insights within and outside of the interactive reporting platform. While it is easy to get overwhelmed by disorganization, Power BI can swiftly handle massive data sets and a wide variety of data types, as you are either creating reports and working with data or using reports to make decisions. Power BI is made powerful from its unique integration capabilities directly with Microsoft 365 applications, so there is no need for toggling between applications as there would be with other analytical tools. Known for its fast and weekly updates in the cloud, there are always new releases to keep your analytics competitive.  

Scale and Optimize from Power BI Data in the Cloud.

  1. Are you having a hard time transforming the numerical figures into relevant and convincing facts for your audience? 

  2. Has your company realized you need data visualization to better understand your business’ current state and plans for growth? 

  3. Does your development team lack a platform to access and harness their data? 

The Path to Transforming Your Company’s Data into Rich Visuals.

A Single View Of All Your Data

Look at your data in real time with a live dashboard that shows you interactive visualizations of information. Find exactly what you’re looking for by quickly typing in questions that enable you to isolate and customize the visuals to discover new insights.

Connect From Any Device

Bring your intelligent apps to your mobile device so that you can easily access information when and where you need it. Receive alerts when your data changes and quickly respond by sharing those details with colleagues and collaborating in real time.

Streamline Work Processes

Power BI already integrates with your Office 365 applications to make it easier for your organization to get work done. Start publishing your Excel workbooks to Power BI so that you can quickly build new dashboards and reports or start publishing reports and collaborating with different team members by creating and posting to different work groups.

Start your cloud journey today!

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Wk Implementation

TrimaxSecure Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation will provision your Enterprise Windows Desktop environments on Azure, so your work force can work from anywhere.

Azure 10 week Implementation

The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

TrimaxSecure helps organizations of any size migrate to Azure and reap benefits of cloud technologies. Migration of workloads to Azure results in substantial improvement in productivity, operational resiliency and business agility as a result of the digital transformation which is why overwhelming quantity of companies transform their infrastructure from traditional on-premise to cloud native or a hybrid mix. The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

Cloud Readiness 3 Day Assessment

TrimaxSecure Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide you answers about capabilities and resulting efficiencies that cloud technologies will bring to your business.

Cloud Security 7 Day Assessment

We provide a thorough security assessment of your Azure infrastructure end-to-end and offer a review of vulnerabilities, and help resolving them.

Backup and Disaster Recovery 5 Day Assessment

This assessment will offer optimal and cost effective way to store your data that would assure reliable recovery of information in case of a natural disaster, deliberate or accidental tampering.

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