Dynamics 365
for Commerce

Deliver personal shopping experiences.​​

Looking to bring together your B2B and B2C e-commerce into a single cloud marketplace? Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to deliver the best shopping experiences for your customers by configuring everything you need across physical and digital channels into a single, omnichannel hub. Digital, in-store, and back-office operations are connected to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Building and running digital storefronts has never been easier! The hub is equipped with personalization analytics and tracking features to help provide your shoppers find the products they want with convenience.

Is Dynamics 365 for Commerce right for you?

Are you struggling to scale your commerce capabilities with your business growth?

Do you have a comprehensive view of all your data, including pricing and inventory, orders and invoices, clients and prospects, and accounts?


Are you looking for a customizable solution to fit your unique commerce needs?

Rapidly Scale and Enhance Retail Tools​

Deliver Relevant and Impactful Purchasing Experiences

Your e-commerce site is a brand-strengthening platform to foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools. Find it simple to quickly launch websites through drag-and-drop design for creating the most visual and smart digital pages to reduce empty carts. You will be able to set your company on the right track to delivering appealing web experiences with content-driven commerce strategies. With modern AI-capabilities, take advantage of the rich customer insights and personalized recommendations from built-in contextual product search for your shoppers. Forget time-sinking searches and opt for cross-selling the right products to help customers discover products that are relevant to them.

Build Loyalty and Exceed Expectations

Get a single view of all transactions by connecting physical and digital storefronts with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Behavioral tracking will help personalize engagements and develop loyalty programs for repeat customers. If you want to predict what will happen when changing a variable in your design, test your hypothesis through the Optimizely experimentation platform. Empower customers to decide when, how and where they want to purchase—on any device, and across online and offline channel with cloud connectivity. Sophisticated chatbots will always have your back to resolve common questions and answer questions 24 hours a day while you are supporting critical business.

Optimize Retail Operations

Organize operations to host content, promotions, inventory, and pricing in one place. By centralizing data, you will be able to forecast customer inventory demands by leveraging analytics. Simplify sourcing and replenishment by finding the best vendor prices and making decisions at the right time. Further, the intelligent distributed order management software brings rapid fulfillment when tracking product information, categories, assortment, pricing, and location across channels. Many lean business models and companies who aim to have a sustainable impact will utilize actionable insights provided by historical sales and purchase data to meet customer demands.

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