Cloud Migration
and Support

Look to Long-Term Value When Migrating to the Cloud

Digitization has enabled significant advancements but has also added pressures on keeping up with complicated IT, increasing complexity and cost. One way to mitigate acquiring technical debt and long-term costs is to migrate to a cloud hybrid model. Migration is the first essential step to maximizing cloud’s value. Cloud computing can enable innovation, providing on-demand and automated scalability, resilience, security, and lower capital and operating costs. The cloud is not just about lowering the total cost of ownership but is also about driving business growth and increasing agility to rapidly respond to the market. Businesses need a significant increase in compute capacity to enable a major growth initiative, so enable your IT environment to run smoothly by unlocking new value in the cloud.

Modernize Your Legacy Tech to Cloud

  1. Has digital transformation introduced new expenses for keeping your data on premise and decreased the opportunity for optimizing operations for cost reduction?
  2. Do you need more security and data resiliency as your organization expands globally and remotely?
  3. Are your teams tired of time-consuming set-up processes and are looking to scale for growth?

Cloud is one of the most profound technology decisions your company will face, offering agility, scale, and favorable economics. While the integration of private and public clouds with legacy IT environments can be daunting. TrimaxSecure takes a data-driven and application centric approach to help you identify the right hybrid cloud model to streamline your transformation and accelerate time to value.

Start Reaching for the Clouds
for Scalability and Agility

Optimize Costs and Migrate
with Confidence

Organizations are faced with large capital expenditures when it comes to hosting on-premises data servers and maintaining them over time. Cloud computing eliminates the cost of purchasing hardware and software that is sitting up and running in your data centers.

Stay Secure and Resilient
Across Hybrid Environments

The biggest cloud computing services run on worldwide network of secure data centers which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. This delivers several benefits such as reduced network latency for applications and resiliency during power outages which you would not get by operating in one data center on-premises.

Scale Your Applications
and Workloads On-Demand

Cloud offers high-value solutions without having the buy and manage the underlying infrastructure. You can launch resources in minutes with just a few clicks instead of waiting days or weeks for your IT manager to implement the solution on premise. This allows your organization extra flexibility, takes away the pressure of capacity planning, and avoids underutilized and idle servers.

Start your cloud journey today!

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Wk Implementation

TrimaxSecure Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation will provision your Enterprise Windows Desktop environments on Azure, so your work force can work from anywhere.

Azure 10 week Implementation

The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

TrimaxSecure helps organizations of any size migrate to Azure and reap benefits of cloud technologies. Migration of workloads to Azure results in substantial improvement in productivity, operational resiliency and business agility as a result of the digital transformation which is why overwhelming quantity of companies transform their infrastructure from traditional on-premise to cloud native or a hybrid mix. The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

Cloud Readiness 3 Day Assessment

TrimaxSecure Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide you answers about capabilities and resulting efficiencies that cloud technologies will bring to your business.

Cloud Security 7 Day Assessment

We provide a thorough security assessment of your Azure infrastructure end-to-end and offer a review of vulnerabilities, and help resolving them.

Backup and Disaster Recovery 5 Day Assessment

This assessment will offer optimal and cost effective way to store your data that would assure reliable recovery of information in case of a natural disaster, deliberate or accidental tampering.