Dynamics 365
for Customer Service

Tailor customer engagement for optimal response.​​

Earning customers for life is key to building your company’s brand longevity and steady profit growth over time. That is why when mistakes occur, it is important to keep customer satisfaction a top priority. Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps service representatives and managers monitor their workload so that they can bring fast and quality resolutions to customers. Drive your cases, requests, and issue tickets from initiation to closure using business process flows and AI-designed step-prompts customized to your services. The customer service hub is perfect for companies willing to empower their teams to spend less time searching for information and more time making every customer interaction count.

Customer Service Challenges

Does your customer service technology help make customers feel valued? Do they feel that they can rely on your services?

Have you been missing opportunities to conveniently engage customers on an easy-to-use service management platform?


Are you currently processing high volumes of email content and need a way to quickly resolve your customers’ concerns?

Build Customer Trust by Streamlining Your Support​

Personalize Customer Experiences​

Anticipating and delivering your customers’ needs is always an important step to gaining a service-oriented business model. Customer Service offers insights that help you understand your customers’ interactions, timeline of offered support, and communication preferences. Communicate with your customers on a multitude of channels, including voice, chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter DM, and Line, all from one central desktop agent. Following your customers engagement, you can link, attach and send on-demand resources they can easily access. Track customer journeys to keep up with the details of every customer touchpoint to deliver the right messaging and support at the right time, for a satisfying experience.

Enhance Team Productivity with a Unified Solution​

Most companies are always looking to improve performance and organization of their services. Take full advantage of the Activities feature to track tasks, email messages, appointments, phone calls and other customer interactions so you are never missing crucial customer concerns. If you are looking to monitor individual profiles or follow-up on a concern customer, the Timeline lets you view user interactions in a chronological order and improve your touchpoints by acting on customer feedback recorded with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice’s real-time survey data. To ensure you catch all the details, apply text and visual filters to hone in on pertinent data and perform inline actions for notes and posts. When resolving the most complex customer cases that may need one-on-one audiovisual and screenshare, engage using Microsoft Teams directly from Customer Service.

Optimize Using AI​

Why waste time memorizing repetitive tasks that leave your company vulnerable to human error? The simple, automated contextual suggestions help service representatives answer inquiries faster at each stage using intelligent recommendations and shortcut notifications. When operating in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you have a clearly defined case management process and, as a result, minimized case resolution time. In addition, one of the best features for companies with a heavy mail inbox is SmartAssist, an email assistant which automatically reviews your customers’ emails and routes them to the right experts to improve visibility and response.

Give your customers and your service agents a very valuable tool to take the customer service to next level.

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