Dynamics 365
for Sales

Accelerate Your Sales with One Connected Solution.​​

Dynamics 365 Sales is an adaptive selling solution designed to accelerate leads into qualified relationships using a streamlined process. In today’s modern and unpredictable selling environment, buyers are more informed and have higher expectations than ever before. We must match rapidly changing buyer preferences, quick-moving competitors, sales teams must build stronger relationships with customers and use data-driven insights to make better decisions.  Dynamics 365 Sales is the powerful platform to help sales professionals acquire promising leads, focus on the right opportunities, and close more deals. Integrated with social networks and productivity tools such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Office 365, everything you need to accelerate sales, improve productivity, personalize engagement, and grow with your business is in one unified, cloud-based platform.  


Have you been missing opportunities due to inefficient processes?

Is your team overwhelmed with follow-up sales calls, customer emails and activities?


Are you losing customers to your competitors because of poor customer relationships?

How Does Dynamics 365 for Sales Benefit Your Team?

Store Accounts and Contacts

Storing account and contact information on paper or in clunky spreadsheets is long overdue for a change. Dynamics 365 Sales is part of an award-winning CRM where your salesforce can keep comprehensive records up to date in the cloud database and accessible from any device. Make the data your teams collect work for you by creating custom forms and fields to identify and connect with the right buyers using updated in real-time sales dashboards. The activity timeline on contact records provides salespeople a full history of all communications with the contact, including phone calls, emails, and meetings. That way, you can respond with punctuality and detail during every interaction.

Manage Leads and Opportunities

Streamline your management of sales opportunities with integration of familiar work tools such as Microsoft 365 Outlook and Dynamics 365 for an intuitive experience. You’ll be able to access and create new contact and organization data directly from Outlook Email and deepen relationships with connection to LinkedIn Sales. Automate manual processes such as data entry with the use of camera capturing and contextual prompt suggestions for sales notes. Collaboration, planning, and strategy is made on deals and opportunities from anywhere by accessing customer information and data through Microsoft Teams.

Track and Analyze Sales Data

Setup quickly with automated data import migration and save updates on-demand with the built-in cloud storage. The aggregated sales activities from emails, phone calls, and notes are automatically tracked from Outlook, MS Teams, and CRM. Predict sales revenue and quantify performance of leads, contacts, and accounts using the lead scoring model which assigns a score from 0 to 100 based on your organization’s criteria or use existing models so that sales representatives can focus on the top priority. Monitor these insights in real-time dashboards with intuitive alerting and reporting capabilities to assure you are always informed.

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